A Requiem In White, Order of the NCS, and Mors Syphilitica Discography

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REQUIEM IN WHITE: Of The Want Infinite 1994

Everlasting Peace  Santonin Kiss  Beneath The Leaves  Call Before Me  Centuries My Shame  Want Secret Of Secrets  La Perdida De Incanto Infantil  Acanthus C.F.  A Fixed Place Of Heaven

Christopher Walsh - Electric Bass | Eric A. Hammer - Guitars | Lisa Hammer - Voice | Javier Madariaga - Drums
Permanently out of print.


THE ORDER OF THE NCS: Perform The Music From The Rituals Of The New Poison 1993

The Consumption Of Sin Donum The Tetrad Rite Exaltation Of The Ring Prayer Of The Gift Regredior The Passion Bath The Second Lesson Prayer Of The Physical And Spiritual Hearts United Enter Me Truth Is Praised Hymn Of the United Evening Low Mass Concerning The Poison Reflection Rejuvenated

This album, which Eric later admitted was "very personal, it had no business being released", was written solely as music for him to paint to, and recorded on a partially broken 4-track in their home.
The fold-out liner notes contains several of his paintings, as well as the rituals themselves. Permanently out of print.


MORS SYPHILITICA: Mors Syphilitica 1996

Below The Baleful Star  Whispers In The House Of Truth  Dreams Of The Many  Song For A Sick Child  Fell A Dance  The Vain Stroke The Woman Who Believed  One Sad Thought  Passing Shadows  A Lullaby Of Sorts

Permanently out of print.



Ungrateful Girl Remedy  Infanta  Spinning On Ribbon  Distance  Skins Of Lovers  Roses From The Yard  Primrose  Johnny Has Gone For A Soldier  Orator  If Palms Could Hold Sorrow  Silently There  The Lying  This Love Ours  As We Slept

Permanently out of print, but PROJEKT had a few copies available as of 10/21/04.


MORS SYPHILITICA: Feather And Fate 2001

The Hues Of Longing  Naturally Cruel  Between Feather And Fate  Only A Whirlwind  Galatea  Glorious Breath  Nostalgia's Sea  The Chains Of Reason  A Fever Dream  Fountain Of Tears  My Virgin Widows  Far From Loneliness  Sins Of The Dove  How Long

Readily available from Projekt.com


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